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Hello lovelies! My name is Ashley Berglund, Owner and Stylist of Style Me PDX.

Before I got my licenses and became a beautician in 2015,  I originally went to school at Western Oregon University and received my bachelors in Criminal justice with a minor in human biology.  Even though I first wanted to become a police officer and eventually a detective in homicide one day, it just was not in the stars for me after all.  After a few years of thinking, and a supportive push from my husband Jared, I found a greater passion in the artistry that was the beauty industry.  I studied hair design and esthetics at Beau Monde Academy of Cosmetology in Portland, OR.  I am officially now living a dream I never knew was possible for me.

I basically do it all! – Haircuts and colors for women, lash extensions, full body waxing, and special event hair and makeup for weddings and photoshoots.

I’ve been able to grow a thriving Bridal company with now 7 to 8 amazing and successful stylists working with me, and my goal as a boss babe is to continue to educate, uplift, empower, and create strong women in front of me who know they are truly gifted with their talents and skills <3 

Our goal as a team is to make our brides feel and look their very best, but it’s also our goal to leave a positive experience for every one on their wedding day!  I take great pride in my team and myself for becoming one of the most preferred vendors in the great northwest in Hair and Makeup artistry

Ashley Berglund

Our Style Squad

The Ladies Behind Style Me PDX

Krysta Schmitz

Lead Hair and Makeup Artist

Krysta is a highly skilled and passionate bridal hair and makeup artist, dedicated to enhancing the natural beauty of brides on their special day. With over 7 years of experience in the industry, Krysta has established a stellar reputation for creating stunning and personalized looks that leave brides feeling confident and radiant.

What sets Krysta apart as a bridal hair and makeup artist is her attention to detail, communication, and speed. Krysta believes that the key to achieving the perfect look lies in effective communication,collaboration, and execution. 

Over the years, krysta has had the pleasure of working with numerous brides. 

Krysta is known for her professionalism, calm demeanor, and attention to detail, she strives to make the bridal beauty experience as enjoyable and stress-free as possible. She goes above and beyond to create a tranquil and relaxing environment, providing a soothing escape for brides amidst the hustle and bustle of their wedding day preparations.

Phoebe Horttor

Lead Makeup Artist

“I’ve loved makeup since I bought my first kit and spent hours turning myself into fantasy creatures or heroines! At the start of my career I participated on multiple fashion shows and showcases before settling into bridal with Ashley. I love knowing my work goes towards someone’s perfect day and being part of such a wonderful event is an honor I cherish every time!!

Ashley and I met early on in cosmetology school and I’m proud to have had the opportunity to watch this company go from a dream to making dreams come true every season!”

Jessica Paige Griffin

Makeup Artist

Hi beautiful! My names is Jessica Griffin, and I have 10 years of experience specializing in natural to full glam makeup, As a little girl I always was fascinated by makeup I would spend hours in my room putting on makeup and taking it off and starting all over again perfecting my makeup applications. I always knew I wanted to be in the makeup industry. I knew if I felt beautiful others would too. I wanted to use my makeup skill to make others feel just like I did beautiful and unstoppable.

I got into makeup officially when I turned 18 years old, and over the years in the makeup industry I’ve had the opportunity to work with makeup brands as their makeup artist working around Oregon this allowed me to work with all skin types and ages to level up my makeup skills even more. I love the engagement I had with others while doing their makeup and getting to know what their style of beauty was.

When I met Ashley the owner of stylemePDX I knew I wanted to work with her and be a part of her amazing team. She encourages everyone’s unique style and is empowering to work with. I love that our main goal as a team is striving to make you feel beautiful for a special moment in your life.

Karina Aguilar

Hair and Makeup Artist

Meet Karina Aguilar, the driving force behind Katalina’s House of Beauty. As a licensed hairstylist, esthetician, and permanent makeup tattoo artist, I’m committed to empowering women to embrace their natural beauty. Inspired by my culture and family, I’ve created a haven where love flows freely, offering a cherished and pampering experience. My personal journey with my curls shaped my mission. I’ve overcome struggles with societal beauty standards, and I invite you to join me in celebrating your unique beauty. With over 5 years in the beauty industry, I specialize in natural hair care, makeup, permanent makeup, waxing, eyebrows, and bridal services. I’ve also been a bridal hair and makeup artist, mastering various hair types and skin tones. Ensuring brides feel confident on their special day is an honor I hold dear. Join me at Katalina’s House of Beauty, where we’ll elevate your natural beauty and create an empowering experience together.

Lexi Burris

Makeup Artist

My name is Lexy and I wanted to provide a warm welcome to all. I am a makeup artist from Arizona. Now that I reside in Oregon I work alongside Ashley with the STYLEMEPDX team and I absolutely enjoy working with lovely girls who enjoy what they do and make all clients feel beautiful. We are all committed to making sure each client feels elegant and beautiful! 

Moreover, I have done makeup for 4+ years now (regular glam/bridal). I am self taught so I will be honest throughout my journey as I am perfecting my craft. Furthermore, I completed the Studio Beauty Academies esthetics program to further my knowledge in skincare ,color theory, and etc. I felt it was appropriate to have the credentials to fully evolve my craft so I am able to assist those with the best results for makeup application

Krystle Dutton

Hair Artist

With a deep passion for collaborating with the style squad, Krystle has mastered the art of crafting enchanting hairstyles that resonate with individuality and elegance. From an early age, Krystle discovered her natural knack for creativity, evolving it into a thriving career. Her expertise lies not only in creating breathtaking bridal hairstyles but also in fostering a connection that makes each bride feel truly cherished. 

Beyond her skillful hands, Krystle excels in teamwork, seamlessly coordinating with makeup artists, photographers, and planners to curate a cohesive and stunning bridal aesthetic. Dedicated to staying ahead of industry trends, Krystle combines her passion for styling with an unwavering commitment to learning and growing. 

Inspired by both the beauty of nature and the intricacies of various cultures, her work is a fusion of artistry and authenticity. Step into the world of Krystle, where hair becomes a canvas for love, beauty, and celebration. With a heart full of creativity and an eye for detail, Krystle continues to make bridal dreams a reality, one hairstyle at a time

Brenda Foster

Airbrush Tan Artist

Brenda Foster is our amazing airbrush tan artist for our Style Squad. You may not see her on the scene like our other artists, but our tan mom is the most amazing airbrush tan artist out there.

Brenda has been doing her artistry for 22 amazing years and has worked in quite a few different areas where her expertise in airbrush has been needed! Brenda has done her airbrush tan services for brides (of course!), body builders for competitions, Miss Oregon, Miss Teen Oregon, Miss America contestants, Playboy bunny contest, country music entertainment, and more!

She is also Ashley’s personal favorite for tanning when it comes to modeling, special events, and of course vacations! Add an airbrush tan on to any package for your wedding or your honeymoon when it comes to your wedding services with Style Me PDX!


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